Ready, Set, Go!

So yesterday was the maiden voyage for the all new and improved Alexis mobile. We moved her out of the trailer and into her very own seat on Daddy's bike. She gets to sit in the front and help steer as much as she wants. She spent most of yesterday's 10-mile ride with her arms out to the side saying "Weeee." She's a comedian all right. The perplexing part is that she's totally willing to wear the helmet. She won't wear a baseball cap or sun hat, but she'll wear a bike helmet. If anybody can find the logic in that, drop us a Comment and explain.


Movin' In

Lot's of happenings today in the 'Burgh . . . let's start with Alexis and Daddy playing hooky. Since the contagious one couldn't go to school today, Daddy stayed home with her. Usually the two of them home alone all day ends in a battle royale, but they did well together this time. The key was the nice weather. It meant that Daddy could leave the patio door open and Alexis could wander out to her house and back in again whenever she wanted. Somewhere along the line she decided to just move into her new house. First she took her broom outside and swept her floor. Then she started taking DVDs, her portable DVD player, toys, and a blanket out to her house. Unfortunately, Daddy didn't take pictures or video. Maybe next time.

When I got home, we went to the trail and rode bikes. Alexis has some new gear this year. I have pictures that I will share tomorrow, but first I had to show these ones from after we got back. Alexis made sad puppy eyes at me yesterday when we were at Target. I took pity on her sick little soul and decided she could get a sick girl toy. A wagon to hold all of her outside toys in seemed like a good idea. We could just throw all the toys in, drag them out whenever necessary, and stay organized along the way. The only problem is that the toys haven't made it in the wagon yet because Alexis keeps climbing in the second she sees it.


One Tough Cookie

Alexis woke up this morning with her eyes all crusty and puffy. We sent her to school anyway, in hopes that it was allergies (she had the same symptoms while we were in Florida and it was definately allergies). It wasn't. We got the call at 10:30 to pick her up. She was as happy as a lark when I got there and stayed all perky the rest of the afternoon. We're talking REAL happy go lucky. As in she was babbling to herself nonstop and laughing at everything in sight. To be honest, I was almost wondering why daycare sent her home. So imagine my surprise when I take her to the peditrician and he says she has an ear infection, eye infection (pink eye), and nasal infection. He prescribed her some stong antibiotics to fight the battle. Meanwhile, if her eyes weren't all watery, I would have had no indication that she even needed to go to the peditricians. Clearly the girl has got some kick butt tolerance for pain.

Our tough girl learned a new sign this weekend and won't quit with it. She has mastered "cookie" and thinks it should work like her other food signs. When she signs cheese, she gets cheese. When she signs grapes, the girl gets grapes. Cookie, on the other hand, just can't always be fulfilled. She's getting frustrated because she knows we understand and she knows the cookies are in the cabinet. So now she just stands in the kitchen, pointing at the cabinet and signing cookie like a mad woman. When we don't listen, she busts out the fit. So either we're going to have to start feeding her way more cookies than she needs, or she's going to learn that signing cookie gets you a whole lot of nothing.

Lastly, somebody got a new house this weekend. It needed to be Mommy and Daddy, but our new house would cost a lot more than the Kinnley Bear's. The purpose of the house was to give her somewhere to go play out on the deck, and the mission was a smashing success. See for yourself (Note: this is sick Alexis playing with a toy house that she's had for a few days already. Obviously, she's a real big fan).

P.S. She's drooling like a toothless fool because she has two more teeth popping through. I do believe she will have all her teeth before she's 18 months old.