Color Me Confused

How is it that just yesterday Alexis thought sprinklers were way fun and today she thinks they are way scary? Yesterday afternoon I stopped to turn on the sprinkler to water the garden when Alexis and I got home. She decided to play in the sprinkler for half an hour and was soaked from head to toe. Today, I intentionally put the sprinkler out for her. It was, after all, 80 degress and she was sweating big time when I picked her up from school. She changed into a swimsuit (yesterday it was jeans and a t-shirt) and tried to go for a splash. She opted to cling to me like her little feet were allergic to the ground or something. So if you're dressed in jeans, sprinklers are fun, but if you're in a swimsuit, they're not? I'm not getting it.

Here are more photos from the zoo. For the record, sheep are scary.



I finally caught Alexis reading to Piggy last night. I now know that I will never get video of this happening. Alexis has taken lessons from Michigan J. Frog. She sings and dances and performs many magical tricks right up until someone is looking. When someone is watching, she just stands around, tapping her toes and putting on a very convincing "nothing here to see" face.


The Great Outdoors

I am happy to report that I had the best day ever. Alexis slept until 7:00 this morning (yay, Alexis!), I got to go to my favorite garden store and pick out my (belated) Mother's Day gift, then Daddy and Alexis hung out in the house while I worked in the yard for three whole hours. It's amazing how much better the garden looks after just a little bit of attention. I was able to move a bunch of plants, hang a basket, weed, put down peat moss, get out some of my fairy statues, clean the pond, do a little pruning, etc., etc. It was absolutely the best Mother's Day gift I could have gotten even if it was late--thanks Alexis and Daddy!

Somewhere in there, Daddy brought out Alexis' swing for outside and hung it from the bottom of the deck. The Littlest Daredevil was thrilled. She was swinging so high she nearly smacked her head on the bottom of the deck about a dozen times. By the end she had both hands up in the air (who needs to hold on?) and was squealing "Weeeee!"

Here are a few of the pictures from yesterday at the zoo. Like I said, it's the fish that matter.