Just in Time for the Weekend

Alexis has struggled to get back into her regular sleep routine. Several mornings since we returned she has slept through me getting her dressed in the morning. Given the fact that she is generally a fairly light sleeper, it's been a little odd. And now that the weekend has arrived, she suddenly snapped back into wanting to wake up between 5:00 and 6:00. Fantastic. There's nothing I love more than waking up at 5:00 on a Saturday morning.

The Easter Bunny brought Alexis an inflatable ball pit last week. I think she's planning on moving in permanently.


She Won't Play in Sand, but . . .

I was just glancing through some older photos, and found one that confounds me. It's from before we went to Orlando and is of Alexis playing in the kitchen. I was trying to clean the house and erroneously left a bag of bird seed on the floor. Alexis found it and figured she would pour some out. I caught her right away. However, as I was cleaning the little pile of bird seed, Alexis scurried back to the bag and quickly dumped the other 9 1/2 pounds, forming a big pile of bird seed. Then she stole a spatula out of the dishwasher and sat down to play in her "sand box." So the kid that refuses to get her hands dirty in the sand, grass, or dirt, is very willing to play in thistle seed for hours. Go figure.


Things Have a Way of Coming Back to Haunt You

Ever since Alexis got on the walking bandwagon, we've let her push shopping carts. It's been a win-win situation; she was getting to walk and yet she was staying with us. Earlier today the whole concept came back to bite me. I had to return some things to Home Depot and couldn't get Alexis to sit in the cart. So I was holding her. That is, until I needed to sign the receipt. I set her on the ground and told her to stay put. In one-year old talk, "stay put" means run away really fast. She grabbed a cart and started pushing it all through the store, knocking over all kinds of displays. Meanwhile, the clueless guy at the return counter continued to have a complete conversation with me and was holding my debit card ransom. She got about 20 feet before I abandoned my card and managed to catch her. She did a fantastic job redecorating the front of the store.

Here's some pictures that I find baffling. Pool toys are really, really, really fun indoors. But if you try to play with them at the pool, they are really, really, really scary.