I'll Trade You Ten Bananas for a Pens Victory

The NHL playoffs start tonight, so all together now . . . . LET'S GO PENS!

There are a few adventures from our vacation that I haven't shared just yet. One of them came to mind earlier when I was at the grocery store and found myself buying way more bananas than necessary. First of all, Alexis is a banana-eating fool. She will sometimes eat three in a day. In fact, during the trip down, there were bananas on the counter at several of the restaurants. Alexis demanded that we buy her one (actually it ended up being two). There's no explaining to a one-year old that it doesn't make sense to pay over $1 for a single banana.

Anyway, while we were in Orlando, we were renting a condo. So, we went grocery shopping with the intent of eating breakfast each day before we headed out into the world. We went to get bananas at SuperTarget and there were none. As in not a single banana anywhere. Alexis isn't the only banana-eating fool in the Burgh Baby clan, so we figured we would just stop at a grocery store on our way back. They didn't have any bananas either. The next day, we tried grocery store #3 and found two lonely organic bananas. Of course we scarfed them up. Later that night, we went out to a buffet for dinner. And what do they have, but bananas. I grabbed one to stick in Alexis' diaper bag. Then Daddy grabbed another. Then Grandma grabbed yet another. So, yeah, we stole a bunch of bananas from the buffet. Go ahead and tell the buffet police on us; I'm sure they'll come up with a creative punishment. Anyway, I don't really know why there was a banana shortage every where except the buffet, but now I feel the need to buy 20 bananas at a time. The fruit bowl in our kitchen makes it look like we have a family of monkeys living here.


It's All an Illusion

Don't be fooled by this sweet little face.

Ever since we returned from vacation, Alexis has been on a brat streak. She has bitten kids at school three times, is telling everyone that certain toys are "mine", and she's refusing to eat anything that might be considered healthy. Maybe she's just not hungry, but I suspect that she's holding out for a funnel cake. Too bad there are none in her near future.

On the upside, vacation didn't mess with her sleeping routine. I'm having trouble getting her to wake up in the morning, but she's not waking me up at any point during the night. And that is what really matters.


Slow Down!

I wasn't planning to do another post today, but my head is spinning over the events of this afternoon, so I figured I would share. Over the course of the past four hours, Alexis has:

1. Said the words "ball" and "mine" for the first time.
2. Signed the words "Mom", "sleep", "cracker", and "thank you" for the first time.
3. Opened her bedroom door all by herself for the first time.
4. Climbed out of her crib for the first time.

Newfound communication skills are great, but this whole thing where she can't be contained anymore needs to slow down!