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I Tweet I Twat a Christmas Tradition

It's the little things that count, so lately I've been trying to figure out what little traditions we should start for the holidays. It's really the first year that Alexis could potentially remember, so this is the time to figure out what Christmas in our house is going to be about. In the quest for ideas, I asked twitter a question:

Twitter never fails to provide some fantastic answers. Like, a whole lot of fantastic ideas:

(Sorry, but I was too lazy to retype and link all that. Screen prints are for winners.)

Some thoughts:

1. Add in the DMs I received, and there were over 20 people who said that pajamas on Christmas Eve was one of their fondest "little touch" memories. I think we shall have to jump on that bandwagon so our kid isn't the loser who didn't get pajamas.

2. The whole orange in the toe of a stocking idea? Me likey. A lot. Alexis won't eat it (she's a goofus and likes mandarin oranges from a jar, but won't eat fresh citrus anything), but I sure will.

3. Little toys in the kids' rooms to encourage them to stay put a little longer in the morning? That idea makes @trxFOXHOLE's pretty much the smartest parents on the planet.

4. Lots of people mentioned candy in stockings. How much of that was Halloween candy stashed for use by Santa?

5. I need an origami star Christmas tree. Y'all better stay out of my way on December 26th because momma is gonna have to procure a clearance tree and make it happen.

What about you? What little holiday tradition do you remember fondly?


This is How We Settle Debates Around Here

Though we are three years into this whole Parenting at Christmas Gig, Mr. Husband and I continue to find that we don't exactly see eye-to-eye on how various traditions should go. Half of the problem is that we grew up in vastly different environments. The other half of the problem is that one of us is a Christmas Nut while the other could do without the six Christmas trees.

Blasphemy, I say.

Last year we got into quite the debate over whether or not Santa wraps his gifts. I even asked y'all what you thought. I learned a very valuable lesson from that one--people feel very strongly about their wrapping paper, yo. I totally understand because there was NO WAY I was going to be deprived of wrapping more gifts. Wrapping gifts is my Christmas crack and I'm NOT going to rehab. Mr. Husband and I ended up sort of compromising in that I let him assemble all the Santa toys and remove them from their packaging and then I used wrapping paper that only Santa would buy. It was slathered with the Dora the Latina Whore's face. 75% of you approved.

This year, we have found another point of contention. I don't remember the specifics of how it all came together, but apparently we were home on Christmas morning last year. That's pretty unusual since we're usually on the road visiting family. This year we'll be back to the norm, so the question came up: Does Santa deliver to the house or to the place where we are staying?

Now, there are a whole bunch of other factors that I think sway this whole debate in a particular direction, but I'll save them until y'all have told me what you think. And . . . GO!

Pssst . . . Don't forget, if you've seen some Christmas Crazy (lights that caught your attention, a "scene" that kids created, some serious anal retentive decor of any kind, etc.), please post it to your site and sign the Mr. Linky on December 20th. Or, if you don't have a blog, you can email me photos at burghbaby (at) and I'll post them here.