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Burgh Perfect Staycation Step #2: Stop and Smell the Flowers

A few days before the in-laws were scheduled to hit the town, I put out a question on a twitter-ish place that is not twitter which I will not name because I am still annoyed that it has sucked me in. The question was basically a call for ideas on things to do while we were having our little staycation. A whole slew of people mentioned Phipps Conservatory. In fact, more than a few all but called me a LOSER for not having been there before.

I was a loser, no doubt about it.

We are going to have to buy a family membership because I could spend days and days just slowly walking around taking photographs. In the couple of hours that we spent there yesterday, I took over 300. Why, yes, the resident Japanese tourist took a total of over 500 photos in one day. When I tried to narrow them down for posting here, I still had 37.

Alexis is missing from the first half of the photos because she was blissfully napping in Mr. Husband's arms the first hour we were there. In what may just be the most perfect timing of all time, she woke up just as he was walking through the butterfly garden. I don't think you have to be a two-year old girl to find waking amongst a flurry of butterflies to be magical, but it most certainly helps. I have a feeling she may just remember that moment for a very, very long time.

(To answer a question that more than a couple of people asked, the red polka-dotted dress is from Gymboree, but I bought it two years ago on clearance for $10. It is on eBay, but not for that price. That was a clearance rack score worth bragging about.)


Burgh Perfect Staycation Step #1: Quack!

At the very moment that it became clear that I wasn't going to have the privilege of quacking my quacker like a quacking idiot, I thought to myself, "Other in-laws are coming soon. MUST. RESCHEDULE." I began stalking The Weather Channel, determinedly looking for a day that was sure to guarantee sunny skies and a total and complete lack of Just Ducky cancellations. That day of surety came, and with it brought reservations that were sure to guarantee that my butt would be sitting in one of those bizarre vehicles and having a great time quacking around.

I quacked.

And I loved it.

I have approximately 230 photos from the trip. (No, really, I have over 230 photos from the Just Ducky tour. Hello, my name is Dork and I am a Japanese tourist.) Amongst those 230+ photos are a few of the Toddler, but none of them quite capture just how much she enjoyed the tour. I love that my kid is a Japanese tourist, too.

I think our driveway would be infinitely cooler if it had one of those bad boys in it. Somebody needs to make that happen, and pronto.



It's a Staycation

Aaaaaaaaand . . . we are on vacation. Or rather, staycation. Yet another Grandma and Grandpa have come to visit (I told you, the kid has a whole army of grandparents) and we will be spending the rest of the week visiting all sorts of touristy spots around town. There's nothing quite as fun as a vacation where you don't have to spend a bunch of money on travel arrangements.

Since our guests weren't going to hit town until late in the evening, we figured we would kick our staycation off with a nice little walk with the dogs. You know, so that we could walk the insane out of the Bulldog. Meg goes completely nutso anytime someone besides Mr. Husband, Alexis, or me sets foot in our house, so we figured we would drag her around about 2 miles and wear her fat butt out. I'd say the project was a smashing success considering that she has been relatively angelic since the outing.

Also in Operation Sit Still mode is me, myself, and I. Guess what I didn't think about? I totally didn't remember that a two-mile walk through the woods will invariably result in me developing a 32-pound growth on my left hip. That growth has an attitude problem if I try to move her to the right, up to my shoulders, or do anything that does not result in her being exactly where she usually is. All that leaning to balance the 32-pound growth has me engaging in a rather permanent lean. It's so fun, but not quite as fun as being the person who tries to keep the two psychotic dogs on leashes under control. Mr. Husband was the lucky soul who has rope burns from trying to keep the psychotic furballs from running for the hills.

The fabulous news was that there was a lake where we were walking, so I did get a few breaks from my growth. The kid lurves to stare at bodies of water, so she asked to climb off my left hip a few times so she could stand and be Zen with some H2O. Hello, photo op!

As we are enjoying our staycation, there may be a shortage of quality posts. As in, I may not be coherent enough to put words together to form those new-fangled things called sentences, but I'm sure that photos will somehow find their way here. They always do, after all.