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Looking Back For Just A Second

I tend to maintain my focus squarely on what lies ahead, rarely taking a moment to look back over my shoulder at the past. I don't think there is inherently anything wrong with that, but when I ended up in the archives for this site last week for a completely random reason, I found myself wishing I spent more time reading through the gifts I've left myself. Since then I have taken the time to read through the entire past year of posts (all 371 of them!) and managed to bookmark a few from each month that stood out for me.

I'm so nice that I'll share! Here's the first half of the year in review, along with a favorite photo from each month:

In January, I posted what I think is my favorite post ever. In response to some comments about the post, the next day I wrote a different version of it. I'm still working hard to make sure I live the first version.

I revealed the most awesomest of awesome playrooms ever.

Alexis celebrated her fifth birthday and showed she was ready to leave her Shy Girl Attitude behind.

In February, I explained why I would rather stab my eyes out with a Q-Tip than ever deal with a certain pediatrician again.

I noticed a little girl in the grocery store parking lot and learned a lot from her, like which road to take to get to work.

In March, I revealed the power of the disco ball. That trick still works for me.

We went to Disney World and Alexis got her Princess On and then showed just how very Five she really was.

April brought a certain little bundle of awesome to our house. His name is Max.

This post from that month was selected for recognition by BlogHer Voices of the Year.

May was a great month, as evidenced by the fact that Alexis graduated from preschool and she survived her first real dance recital.

I finally managed to make our back yard look respectable and I freaked everyone out with wallpaper.

In June, I posted about our fairy garden. That post still gets a ton of traffic from pinterest.

I also wrote a post that I really needed to read today. Past me is pretty smart sometimes.

Oh, and I hung out with some furries. FUN TIMES!


I'll be back with the second half of the year. 2011 sure was something.


Staying Dry(ish) At The Polar Bear Plunge. Again.

I am a creature of habit, so OF COURSE I started the year off with a trip down to the Mon Wharf to watch crazy people jump in the river. (Last year's post about the Polar Bear Plunge is here.)

I can't say that I understand the lure of jumping into 30-something degree water on purpose, but there's a lot of people who do it.

Including monkeys.


Police Officers.


And some of my favorite people.

I don't get it. At all. I think every last one of them rocks for doing it, but I am firmly on the team that thinks Santa can shove his "the only thing you have to overcome is getting the nerve to do it" sign somewhere dark and stinky.

For the record, I'm blaming Santa for the major weather change in the middle of the Polar Bear Plunge. When we all arrived, it was absolutely gorgeous outside.

But rain showed up just in time for the plunge.

And SOME of us were trying to stay dry.

There are a bunch more photos of the Polar Bear Plunge over on Flickr.


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