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Happy Snowversary

Exactly one year ago today, Alexis realized something that has changed her life. She once believed that snow was made of flesh-eating bacteria and wouldn't even consider touching it. She would stand near the snow, staring at it, willing it to vanish, and then would scream bloody murder until I rescued her from the Big Bad Snow.

Then, precisely a year ago, she stuck a toe on top of a few flakes. A toe was soon joined by the rest of a foot, and then the other foot, and she soon evolved into the snow-loving freak that she is today.

Growing up isn't ALL bad, I guess.


Screw You January 23rd

That which we do not speak about has, as always, lived up to expectations. GAH!


Butt I Want it Back

Alexis has essentially lived in dresses for several months. On the rare occasions that she has worn pants, it's been the same jeans. Over and over. It seems that when a kid only wears pants every other week or so, the same ones are always on top in her drawer. So when a strange little miracle happened earlier in the week and I managed to get Alexis to wear DIFFERENT jeans, I was shocked.

Very shocked.

Girlfriend who used to be super-chub? Not so chub.

Girlfriend who used to have stocky little stubs for legs? Not so stubby.

When exactly did the kid who could wear capris in winter, just so long as I rolled them up a bit so they weren't too long, suddenly start outgrowing pants based on the length? BEFORE the waist stopped fitting?

And, when did her knees get knobby? I distinctly remember numerous layers of adorable little fat folds on those knees.

And where the hell did her butt go? She has no butt. She had a butt. Now she doesn't. Were do butts go? The butt impound?


She's growing up, isn't she?