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I Want To Be Star of the Week, Please and Thank You

Alexis was Star of the Week at school last week, which is to say *I* had a ton of homework. There was a poster to be made, treats to be concocted, and a general need to make a Very Big Deal out of every little thing.

Of course, Alexis loved every minute of the drama. She most especially enjoyed defacing the most beautious poster I have ever created.

I get an A+ for not spazzing out about her "personalizing" the whole thing. Feel free to pat me on the back. Several times.

Later, I earned a few dozen gold stars AND an A++ for making some super fun cupcakes.

I'm telling everyone who will listen that they were SOOOO much work, but the truth is that they were just vanilla cupcakes with the batter divided into six different bowls and tinted with gel food coloring. In other words, they took maybe five minutes longer than boring one-color cupcakes would have been.

Funny how the kid got to be Star of the Week, but I'm the one who did all of the work. ;-)


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