So What if I Already Posted a Very Similiar Photo?


Time Out

Alexis and I made the best of the late afternoon rain by making a quick stop at TJMaxx to pick up some things for Do Good Day. As we quickly scanned the clearance aisles for some treasures, I spotted an Alexis-sized painted chair. I pulled it down from the shelf to check the price and realized that it said, "Time Out" on the back.

"Hey, look, Alexis. It's a Time Out Chair," I said.

"We don't need a Time Out Chair," she replied in a panicked tone as she ran away as fast as she could.

I think that means I should have bought it just for the sheer joy of torturing her.


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Saved by a Flower

From the moment I opened the door at preschool, I knew it was one of Those Days. Alexis was in a miserable mood, despite her excitement at winning a first place trophy during a race at school today. Which, WTH? How is a child of mine fast at riding a scooter? That seems impossible.


She spent the evening inventing reasons to be pissed off. First the sprinkler was in the front yard instead of the back yard which OMG! Don't even thing about forcing the kid run through the sprinkler that you're using to try to rescue the River Birch that seems hell-bent on dying. There is to be NO multi-purpose sprinkler usage. Didn't you get the memo?

Then she wanted to play in the big hole in the ground where I was working, but since I'm wild and crazy when I have a shovel in my hands, I wouldn't let her. Please pity the poor weeping child who has been denied a shot at having her head bashed with a shovel.

The grass tripped her.

The table reached out and smacked the side of her head.

The pool boiled the water and tried to burn her.

And then she found some tiny little weeds in the yard. These, to be exact:

(Image source) (I was standing in the hole or I would have taken my own picture. So sue me.)

White clover. I suggested that she pick a few and then encouraged her to try smelling them. She carefully assembled a full bouquet then drew a long, deep breath, letting their sweet scent fill her lungs.

And suddenly it was all OK.