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Sometimes it's Just Like Talking to Mr. Husband

For various reasons, Meg (the Bulldog) did not make the trip to Indiana with us. So this morning Alexis and I drove her out to our friends Mark and Estee's house for a couple of days of total and complete spoiling. Along the way we stopped to pay the turnpike toll. The woman in the booth astutely recognized that there were two pups in the vehicle, and handed out a couple of dog treats for them. Apparently the turnpike commission has managed to acquire the absolute only substance on Earth that Meg will not eat. She sniffed the treat in my hand then turned her nose up at it, so I handed it back to Alexis to see if Cody (the Havanese) would take it. (Cody did come to Indy with us; Yes, we totally play favorites and it's based on who is and is not housebroken.)

Alexis held the treat for a moment, tried to give it to Cody, and was also denied.

She said, "Mama, what's this?"

"A dog treat," I replied.

"No, it's an Alexis treat," she retorted.

"Alexis, don't put that in your mouth," I said.

"It's like cereal," the Toddler informed me.

"Alexis, don't put that in your mouth," I sternly repeated.

In classic Mr. Husband style, she retorted, "You don't mess with the Zohan."

When you're married to someone who can have entire conversations using only movie quotes, that retort actually makes sense. Sort of.


A Quick Drive-by of Oglebay in West Virginia

(I think Joseph may have lost it in this last photo.)

BTW, some of the not-really-late-because-I-still-haven't-posted-my-outdoor-light-photos entries to Christmas Crazy KICK ASS!


There Are Totally Christmas Lights in the Photo