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She Still Woke Up at 6:30.

I often joke that I gave birth to a zombie or a robot or some sort of freak of nature, and here's the proof:

That photo was taken in our hotel at 1:41am after a six-hour drive from Pittsburgh to Indianapolis on Wednesday night. Alexis stayed awake for the entire drive. THE ENTIRE DRIVE. Not only that, but she had been awake since 6:30 Wednesday morning, and before that I had chased her back to bed at 3:42 in the morning when I caught her wide awake in her room packing all of her stuffed animals for the trip. She wasn't planning on taking underwear on the trip, just stuffed animals. All of them. Apparently that makes sense to a person who is able to function on five hours of sleep.

How is it that a human being can find so little joy in sleep? She *must* be a robot.


By the way, I'm also over here with a post right now. BAM!


On This Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving I'm thankful for you . . . yes YOU, because you help make things like Christmas Crazy possible.

On this Thanksgiving I'm thankful for blue dresses and hideous makeup and the amazing people at ScareHouse for their generosity.

On this Thanksgiving I'm thankful for Alle-Kiski Area HOPE Center for all of the work they do to help women and children in crisis.

On this Thanksgiving I'm thankful for the $3150.00 is on its way to Alle-Kiski Area HOPE Center so that they can spread a little Christmas Crazy.

On this Thanksgiving I'm thankful for the fact that Christmas Crazy is just barely getting started.

On this Thanksgiving I'm thankful for after-Halloween clearance aisles and cheap wigs and cheaper wings and all of the fun that they can bring.

On this Thanksgiving I'm most thankful for this:

even if her pre-Thanksgiving excitement has left me wanting to duct tape her to a wall many, many times.

Have a happy turkey day, y'all!


You Caption It


There's a Christmas Crazy update coming very soon. I'm just waiting for a few eggs to fall into their baskets before I tell you how pretty they are. :-)