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A Good Day For Naked Guy Watching

We've reached the point in the festivities where I want to put a wire on Mila and record everything she says. The kid is just plain funny and adorable all day every day and it only ends because kids should be silent between 9:00 pm and 9:00 am. Twelve hour existences are the best, you know?

We took advantage of a free day at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History this weekend and OH MY GOSH. This kid.

Jan18 003

She loves the dinosaurs and she loves all the stuffed dead animals and she loves everything. I know that because it's exactly what she said 15389175 times. "Let's go find the dinosaurs!" I would say.

"Dinosaurs! I wuv dinosaurs!" she would reply. And then, "Wook! I wuv this big dinosaur!" and "Wook! The little dinosaur is so cute! I wuv it!"

The exclamation points are important up there. Mila definitely speaks with exclamation points at the end of every sentence right now.

Her enthusiasm stretched from room-to-room and back again. The stairs were great. The Native American exhibit was fascinating. The Egyptian exhibit was filled with pretty things. And the statues?


The statues.

If you haven't been to the museum, there is a large hall with giant pillars and bunches of classic statues. They're mostly of men, but there are a few women, and basically the theme is that their not fully clothed. I have no issue with this, but it hurt Mila's brain.

"Why isn't he wearing a shirt!" (Remember, she only speaks with exclamation points. Even questions end with a bit of excitement.)

"Where are his pants!"

"He forgot to put on underwear!"

I had no explanation at the time. In fact, I still don't have an explanation and I literally just spent 20 minutes searching the internet for an explanation that I could have given to a 3-year old. There apparently is no such thing, which is just as well since I made something up.

"None of us wear clothes ALL of the time. Maybe they just got out of the bathtub!" I pseudo-explained.

Mila's response - "Well, that doesn't make sense!"

She's not wrong.

Jan18 003

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