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A Ray of Hope

If there is one thing that I have learned this week, it's that I have no idea what kind of person Mila is. On one hand, ZOMG. THIS KID. SHE'S SCARY.

There was this thing that happened. There was a waffle. It fell. It ended up in our driveway and stayed there. Mila noticed the waffle in the driveway about an hour later, which was probably half an hour after a four-legged thing found it. A fat little field mouse discovered the treasure and was darting around the driveway grabbing nibbles.

Mila decided it was a rat, which, whatever, but she also decided she wanted to kill the rat. She stood at the window watching the little mouse BEGGING to kill it. For several minutes. And she was serious. To be fair, she wanted to stuff it in a jar and use it as a Halloween decoration, so she's not totally a psychopath. Just mostly. o_O

I mean, don't all four-year olds beg to kill a mouse and then describe how you should decapitate it and put it in a jar? No?


Okay, so, well, maybe I shouldn't be so surprised, but suddenly it's clear that Mila does care if she makes a mistake. She has started to burst into tears when she gets in trouble. In the past, she has thought it was funny, so basically I have discovered that there is hope for her staying out of jail. She got fussed at for being too loud and totally melted down because she felt awful for it. She spilled some cereal on the couch and wasn't upset that I yelled at her - she was genuinely upset that she made a mess.


So maybe, just maybe, Miss Mila will be okay after all. I just have to make sure she doesn't start going around murdering rats.

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