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January 19 024

Not Alexis, that's who.

Apparently they let infants into kindergarten now. I think we can all agree it has not been THAT long since Mila was born. She can't possibly be starting school in the fall ... BUT SHE IS.

She's really very excited about this whole thing, of course. She seems to think kindergarten is some far-off magical land where little girls get to do important things, which I suppose it is. I'm less excited, though. I was trying to figure out exactly why it's bothering me and it's less that she's the BABY and more that THIS IS WAY TOO EASY THIS TIME.

When Alexis started kindergarten, our district still had half-day kindergarten. I sat refreshing the web page to register her on the morning it opened because I very badly needed her to be in the morning session. The only way I could get having a full-time job AND half-day school work was if I was able to set her up with an afternoon daycare and morning real school and UGH. Despite being very fast on the draw, she got stuck in afternoon kindergarten which basically left me needing to quit my job. Like, there really is no way to make that work and the district's policy at the time was GO AWAY, WE WON'T TALK ABOUT IT.

There was much anxiety and hand-wringing as I spent months figuring out an alternative. It ended up being a private school for a year, which mostly all worked out, but still. HALF-DAY KINDERGARTEN IS THE DEVIL. And the people who insisted on mornings when they didn't NEED it sucked, too. (I saw at least four of them on FB talking about how it was nice to have their mornings alone with a cup of coffee and that was why they wanted morning and GAAAAAAH.)


With Mila, the only drama is hoping she ends up in the same class as her best friend. Or maybe hoping she doesn't. I'm not really sure which path will have a better outcome. Regardless, she gets all-day kindergarten and it's going to be great.

Or at least that's what she keeps telling me.

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