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But That Dress

I don't know why other people had kids, but I had kids so:

1. I would have someone to make sure I end up in a good nursing home eventually.

2. I'll always have a date for musicals, at least until I turn senile.

Alexis is generally my Very Willing Date to all things musical, but damn that kid for growing up. Sometimes she has scheduling conflicts and wants to lead her own life when I want to go watch people dance and sing on a stage.

Hi, Mila!Will you be my date?

May18 187

That is definitely a yes.

Now that Mila is old enough to mostly sit through some shows (Alexis was WAY better at it at the same age, but then again, she has always been a tiny adult), I've got two willing partners. Wooo! So Alexis was busy this week, but Mila was more than happy to accompany me to Rodger and Hammerstein's Cinderella at Heinz Hall.

(Note: The Cultural Trust gave me tickets. Which, I was going to trade some of my Broadway season tickets for the show anyway, but OKAY!)

I played it off as her "surprise" for some good behavior. Good job, me, because she loved the show. It's funny and beautiful and fantastic, which is pretty much exactly what you would expect. What you don't expect, though, is the thing that is RUINING MY LIFE OMG.

The dress change. There are two points in the musical when Cinderella's rags magically turn into a beautiful gown and it is PERFECTION. I want a dress that can do that! AND SO DOES MILA.

We're two days out at this point and all I've heard from Mila is about how we need to go to the mall and buy her a "magic dress like Cinderella's." She's very convinced that I've been lying all of her life and there is a magic presto-chango dress sitting somewhere and I'm keeping it from her and she WANTS THAT DRESS NOW, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

So, uh, Cultural Trust? Could you maybe hook me up with a seamstress or business card or whatever? I'm going to need to figure this one out if I want to regain my sanity.


Tickets for Cinderella are still available. You should definitely take your little princess.

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