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Charmed, I'm Sure

There’s a lot of words that accurately describe Mila, but I think “charmed” is probably the best. She is REALLY good at charming the pants off of pretty much everyone and she herself is easily charmed. Her enthusiastic love of pretty much everything is just so … charming.

I had a mission. I wanted to take a photo of Mila blowing glitter. There’s a specific photo of Alexis I’d like to recreate, but HOOBOY IS THIS GOING TO BE HARD. Mila was so very excited about being given a moment to hold some glitter in her hands and then being told to blow. Instead of gently blowing and giving me a second to capture the moment, she kept turning into a leaf blower and showering the entire dining room with an explosion of glitter.

Which, by the way, is just about the most fun you can have when you’re four. Thus, Mila would nearly fall over with happiness and joy. So, we’d try it again. I’d say, “One … two … three … little blow!” and Mila would turn on the leaf blower and instantly spray glitter everywhere.

Feb;19 077

We tried for half an hour.

Feb;19 067

I didn’t get the photo I was after, but I most certainly got a charmed preschooler. And a _LOT_ of glitter. Everywhere.

Feb;19 052

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