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Christmas Crazy Turns Blue Orange

It's like tip-toeing across a tightrope while carrying a giant stack of antique plates, this blogging thing. Some days finding the balance is easy, other days it's not at all.

And some days it's amazing.

Waaaaay back in the spring, I made a decision to lean a little to one side and work with a company on a review and giveaway even though on the surface it didn't seem like a perfect fit. There was a lot of careful thought that went into it because it's important to me that it not become all giveaways all the time around here.

That particular giveaway turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Not only did I learn about a fantastic game that I wouldn't have discovered otherwise, I was able to start to build a relationship. Time went by and another opportunity for a giveaway came up, and once again I was impressed by the product and by the company.

That company is Blue Orange and they make a game called Spot It! No joke, that is the most played game in our house. Alexis loves it, I love it, it's all around a win. In fact, I took it with me to Tennessee this summer and we had six cousins of all different ages gathered around a table playing and laughing and having a fantastic time. It happens to be a game where age doesn't provide an advantage, so the younger kids were evenly matched against the older kids and yet the older kids weren't bored.

How often does THAT happen?

Anyway, out of those reviews a relationship was born. That relationship led to something even more fantastic -- Blue Orange sent a giant box of games and toys to me a few months ago specifically for a little thing I like to call Christmas Crazy.

So I accepted a review and giveaway offer. That led to kids in need getting gifts this coming Christmas.

Blogging definitely doesn't suck.

It's time to kick off this year's Christmas Crazy parade. The first float is already filled with games from Blue Orange and now I need your help to make the parade as amazing and as fantastic as it has been in prior years.

If you need a reminder of what this is all about, might I suggest this post? Or how about this one?

Anyway, this year we are working to make Christmas fantastic for kids who receive services from Center for Victims. Center for Victims is a Pittsburgh-based agency that was the result of a merger between Womansplace, Inc. (one of the Christmas Crazy charities from last year) and the Center for Victims of Violent Crimes. They combined forces this past summer so that they could more efficiently provide services to people who have been the victim of a violent crime. They provide advocacy, crisis intervention, counseling, shelter, and all sorts of other services to the people who need them.

And they serve kids.

We're going to make sure those kids get a little something for Christmas this year, no matter what their situation is when December 25th rolls around.

So, here's the deal. I need your donations. Those donations are 100% used to buy toys which will be delivered to the Center for Victims in time for Christmas this year. If we can come up with $5000 worth of toys, we're going to help another agency. First we have to hit that goal, though.

Click the image to donate now.


Click the Crazy button to help.

But wait! There are other ways you can help!

If you prefer, you can donate directly to Center for Victims. They can use whatever help they can get.

If things are a little tight this year, there are some non-donation type things you can do.

  • Shop using this Amazon link and I will donate all affiliate profits to Christmas Crazy. I've actually done that every year so far -- if you've clicked through one of my Amazon links and shopped in November in past years (it doesn't matter what you buy, just that you click through an affiliate link), you made a donation to Christmas Crazy. Last year $212 went into the fund thanks to my Amazon affiliate account. (Might I suggest you buy Spot It! for one of the kids in your life?)
  • Encourage your Twitter followers to help.
  • Ask your Facebook friends to throw in a buck or two.
  • Start a Christmas Crazy drive at your workplace, school, church, or whatever. If you'd like to help out a domestic violence agency that is closer to your hometown, just say the word. I will happily help you find an agency that could use a little Christmas cheer.

Let's do this. Bring on the Christmas Crazy!

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Reader Comments (5)

Are you still collecting toy donations as well or just $$?

November 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSheila

Know anything about a domestic violence shelter in Columbus, OH? I host a cookie exchange every year and would love to add a toy drive to it for my friends and I to give back! Thanks! :)

November 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDeena

So would this be the time to mail you those balls that I got this summer? Cause I still have them sitting somewhere (memo to self- look for balls.)

November 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMackenzie's Momma

I just want to say, I still love you. You do good in the real world (not just the blogging world) and that makes you awesome.

November 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterThe Mommy

So - how can I help other than donating (which I did today!)...I'd love to come help deliver stuff or organize - whatever needs to be done. I saved a vacation day this year to help with whatever!!! Just let me know....

November 14, 2012 | Unregistered Commenteremilie
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