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I've become really very terrible at general website maintenance over the years. While I once managed to change my template and overall look of this place monthly, I've now managed to not run a back end upgrade for ... uh ... Alexis was in kindergarten the first time I started it. It's still not done. That lack of keeping on top of things extends to some of the pages up in the menu, including the Christmas Crazy page.

Well, friends, I clicked today. Did you realize we've been doing this crazy thing where we make the holidays better for some kids who have experienced the worst since  ... 2009. 2009! That's a really very long time ago. I also noted that we've surpassed $10,000 worth of toys for the past four years.

We maybe should make that 5 years in a row. PLEASE!

For a variety of reasons, I kicked things off a week later than usual. That means we have a little less time to pull this all together. I still expect great things. There's a whole lot of kids who could use our help this holiday season. Let's make some magic, please.

Here's where I make things easy for you. Two links! The first one is to shop:

Christmas Crazy <------ Wish list link!

Or click on the reindeer to donate a few dollars and I'll do the shopping. This is how we make sure older kids see some holiday magic.

No matter what, every little thing will find its way to a kid in need.

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