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Everything Makes Sense When You SEE Her

It's interesting the things people assume. Context is important, so it makes sense that the place where I most often am asked if Mila takes dance classes is the waiting room at Alexis' dance studio. If the big sister dances, of course the little sister must as well.

I hear it all the time. Alexis is over-the-top obsessed, so Mila should follow in her footsteps. I've been asked how Mila likes her dance classes, who her teacher is, all of the things.

I generally reply with a very confused look. Because Mila.

The question came up again recently. As usual, it was while Mila and I were waiting for Alexis to finish a class. As I sat on a bench, Mila was practicing her jumping skills. She crawled up on the bench, jumped off the bench, crawled up on the bench, and jumped off the bench. She followed every step with a flourish and a giggle because of course she did. She's Mila.

As the inquisitive woman in the waiting room asked if Mila had started dance, I responded with my usual confused face. "Uh, no," I said. "I don't think it's her thing."

For some reason, this particular woman didn't like that answer. She urged me to reconsider and then spent several minutes trying to sell me on the joy of dance classes for toddlers and preschoolers. Which, I know. I drank that Kool-Aid a long time ago. I just figured out to spit it out before Mila came along.

I explained as much, but that still didn't end the conversation. The woman went on and on and on ...

Meanwhile, Mila continued doing all of the things Mila does when she could be sitting nicely. She just doesn't do the "sit nicely" thing. She's more of a climber and jumper and destroyer, you know? It's not a bad thing; it's a very busy thing.

I don't know exactly what Mila did to finally get the woman to SEE her. Whatever it was wasn't outrageous enough to get my attention. That bar is set very high, of course, but anyway. The point is, a moment came where a sudden change came over the woman's face. She instantly stopped in the middle of her persuasive sentence and said, "Hockey. She would probably like hockey better than dance."

Yep. Until ballerinas get to brawl, I think Mila will be happier away from the dance floor.


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