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Fashion Crisis Averted

Mila has always spent a decent portion of her time at her art table. It's a little Mila-sized table that lives in my family room and houses paper, markers, crayons, scissors, and glue sticks. There's probably two of those things that shouldn't be in the same time zone as Mila, but so far she hasn't made me regret her having access to them TOO much, so they stay. For now. Even though she went through SIX glue sticks this weekend.

How does one go through SIX glue sticks in one weekend, you may ask? That's a darn good question. The answer is that Mila was making an outfit, of course. What else would you need a pile of paper and glue for other than to make yourself a fancy dress?

At least it turned out to be a dress for Mila. There was a time, many times actually, when Mila informed me that she was making ME an outfit. She asked me to pick colors. She then asked for access to glitter (Yeah, I let her touch scissors without me watching closely, but glitter is a whole other level of NOPE NO WAY NOOOOO.). She cut and she glued and she twisted and PHEW, I DIDN'T HAVE TO WEAR IT.

I was seriously worried.

The kid spent a good four hours on the project, and I was really very close to trying to figure out how I could fake wear a dress made out of glued pieces of paper. If Mila hadn't twisted her thoughts and decided she loved the "dress" too much to give it to someone else, I'm pretty sure I would have had to go out in public not dressed.


For now.

She started on a second outfit just for me tonight. I really hope it ends up big enough to cover at least one butt cheek. It's questionable so far ...

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