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February the 14th

Now that she has had three chances to make up her mind, Mila would like to declare Valentine's Day to be THE VERY BEST EVER ZOMG WEEEEEEE!

That might be the sugar talking, by the way. Somehow the kid managed to return home from daycare with a box filled with sugary treats, and that was on top of the giant cupcakes I sent with her to share with her friends. Which, you guys. This morning Mila walked into daycare carrying a tray of cupcakes bigger than her and she told everyone, "I have cupcakes for my friends" and it was the cutest thing ever.

I digress.

The point I was trying to make was that Mila came home with a giant box of candy. I initially was going to take the whole thing away from her, but then I decided to just let her go all in while I made dinner. If I did that with Alexis, she would eat two pieces, complain her belly hurt, and go back to not eating candy for weeks on end.

This is Mila we're talking about, though.

Mila tried to set a World Record for most candy consumed in under 10 minutes. She. went. all. in. I'm not sure if she remembered to breathe or not, but I do know she couldn't have shoved M&Ms into her mouth faster if her life had depended on it.

When it became clear that Mila wasn't going to self-regulate EVER, I cut her off. Whoever said it's easy to take candy from a baby was a liar, of course, so prying that sucker out of her hands very nearly cost me my life.

There was a lot of screaming and a lot of crying.

And then Mila punched me. She went from angry that I was taking her candy, to sad that I was taking her candy, to punching me.




So basically I spent Valentine's Day patiently waiting for a super pissed off toddler to apologize for punching me because she wasn't allowed out of time out until she calmed down and apologized.

It took a while.

It took so long that she basically went from time out to bed. As we curled up in the chair in Mila's room, she was still doing that half-sob thing people do when they've been crying for a while. As her breathing worked its way to normal, she sighed. Then she quietly whispered, "I just wuv you, mommy."

So, yeah. Happy Valentine's Day.


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