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I Can Go Home Now

Colombia is lovely. Let's start there. I'm in Cartegena, which is a coastal city that centers a lot of itself around tourism, so of course everything is lovely. I can walk 30 steps from my hotel and be at the beach. That's a victory, even if I am here for work and thus don't have time for much playing. Still. Lovely.

Buuuuut ... let me just describe a moment to you.

We're coming up on winter, which means that darkness falls right around dinner time. It may be 90 degrees and humid, but winter is the season of darkness. Thus, after having a quick dinner with co-workers, we began walking back to the hotel even as the sun was setting behind us. One person asked to stop at a store to buy souvenirs for his kids, which was a solid idea. I should consider finding souvenirs for my girls. Maybe I'll get around to that before I return.


Anyway, I didn't need to go into the store, so I stood outside enjoying the weather. Normal people are complaining it's too hot but I think it's perfect and, really, I could hug 90 degrees. So I was standing there, thinking that this part of Colombia is lovely, when it happened.

A cockroach ran across my foot. And not just any cockroach, but a cockroach big enough to wear a dog leash. The bones in my foot were crushed under the weight of the giant cockroach.

Sooooo ... if you need me, you'll have to wait. I'm busy sawing my foot off because I simply can't take it home with me.

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