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I Can't Turn Down Rice Krispies Either

On the very first day of school, way back in August, I gave each of the girls a little prize in their lunch accounts - $50. I've been doing this fund lunching thing for a while, so I knew that it was about two months worth of meals for Alexis. She makes it last that long because lunch is only $2.50, but also because she tends to pack once or twice per week.

And, yes, she packs her own lunch. She's been doing it since kindergarten because I am incompetent when it comes to packing lunches. True story.

Anyway, the girls were given an equal amount, but honestly I expected Mila's to last longer than Alexis'. The simple reason for that was that Mila's lunch was packed for her every day for the first two weeks and then she had a free lunch week. All of the kindergarteners had basically the same thing - buying lunch is a new skill that needs to be learned, so the teachers asked us to pack. Then they do a "welcome to buying lunch" week for the kindergarteners where they subject out the cost just to simplify things.

Sooooo ... in theory Mila's $50 should have lasted her way longer than Alexis' $50.


Yesterday I received my favorite email alert, the "put money in your kid's account or else" email alert. Mila was all out of money. *POOF* So I logged in to her account to see what could have possibly happened.

Juice and Rice Krispies treats, that's what happened.

Not only has the kid been buying lunch every day, she has also been buying a chocolate-covered Rice Krispies treat and a juice. The milk that comes with lunch just wasn't enough fluids, obviously. So basically Mila's lunches have been over $5 every day. But, at least she has been making wise choices like chocolate-covered Rice Krispies.

Alexis, on the other hand, still has $10 available. And what has she been buying? Salads. The kid buys salads when she buys lunch and that's it. Because of course.

If only I could find a way to tuck a little bit of Alexis into Mila's pockets and a little bit of Mila into Alexis' pockets ... somewhere in the middle of them is "how-to-lunch" perfection.

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