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I need to do the math so I can add the Christmas Crazy total (so far!) to the sidebar over there ----> but you should go do some shopping so I can math fewer times, please and thank you!


I've probably mentioned a time or ten that Mila is the best, but that's only because she is. The kid is sunshine wrapped in joy, dipped in happiness. Even when she's angry, she's so darn cute it hurts. And, fortunately, she's not angry all that often. When she is? She literally says, "I'm literally angry at you right now," and how can you be annoyed by that?

Which is all to say, and I realize that typing these words will jinx me instantly, Mila isn't a terrible 4-year old. I KNOW! IT'S SHOCKING! I didn't realize it until about two hours ago, but somehow we're managing to dodge the worst of four with her.

Which, those of you with younger kids, four is the age you should fear. Two is a picnic compared to four. Two is only terrible because of the communication challenges. Two-year olds mean well. Four-year olds are intent on destroying your world AND THEY KNOW IT.

Except, Mila seems to have backed off of the destruction. Maybe she's just "advanced" for her age? Or she got it out of her system early? I'm not entirely sure, but it has been months since I've been concerned she was going to burn the house down. The lighters and matches are still all hidden, but making sure they're hidden no longer keeps me up at night.

So either Mila's destruction mode is wearing out or my tolerance for her destruction is increasing. We won't know until she's safely made it to adult-hood without being convicted of arson. STAY TUNED.

And go buy some Christmas Crazy stuff because Mila helping me open boxes is just about the cutest thing ever. She doesn't care that the toys aren't staying; she's in it for the suprise that comes at opening.

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First order done! Please add more clothes and books if needed. I know socks and underwear aren't fantastic Christmas gifts but I also know some of the people there may really need them.

November 28, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterLinda
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