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Little Notes

I spend every minute of every day charmed by my girls, even when they're on my very last nerve, and there's a few little things that I want to remember:

- Mila, she of many opinions, was born with some gender biases. For now, she thinks the world revolves around girls. As in, she will tell you that she doesn't like boys. She refers to Batman as "Batgirl's boyfriend." She thinks the Spiderman movie that is currently in theaters (and which is SO GOOD) revolves around the female Spiderperson. In general, her default for who is in charge or who is most important in a room is always a woman.

It's the best.

- I am on a "GET IT ALL OUT OF MY HOUSE" bender, which so far has taken the form of needing to clean out all of the closets. One of the targets was our pantry, which frankly is the size of a normal walk-in closet. Some things happened when I did that. First of all, I threw away six bags of stuff. How? HOW? HOW DOES A FAMILY ACCUMULATE SIX BAGS OF TRASH IN THEIR PANTRY? Everybody is fired. Second of all, I put Alexis in charge of cleaning out the sprinkles bin. I have an entire bin of sprinkles because I am THAT amazing, but some of them are ... old. My instructions to Alexis were to throw away anything that she thought was older than Mila. Which, it was most of them. A few, though, she felt the need to tell me were, "Really old, mom. They're not just older than Mila, I think they're older than you and that is SO OLD."

Thanks, kid.

- Penny and Mila are suddenly becoming best friends. It's a little weird because traditionally Penny has only wanted something to do with Mila when she has been holding food. Suddenly the pup is willing to accept hugs without the dream of food landing in her face. Like I said, it's WEIRD. I commented on it this morning and Mila replied, "Mom, it's not my fault Penny likes me more than you."


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I love all of these. The sprinkles comment is a little too relatable but I love it anyhow.

January 11, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterKathy
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