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Mila marches to the beat of a drum only she can hear, so mostly we miss out on all of the little kid trends. She just doesn't care that all of her friends are obsessed with Frozen; she's on a Muppet Babies bender. I'm not saying that to brag. If I were, I would mention that I've never seen a single episode of Calliou. Ahem. Instead I mention it because I AM SO ANNOYED WITH THE GIRLS' COUSINS.

They have a lot of cousins. Like, a lot A LOT. We spent Black Friday with a bunch of them, who happen to range in age from 6 to 26 and then some. It was all fun and games and a really good day, except it came with a side effect.

An LOL side effect.

That's an LOL Doll. Up until the point when Mila watched some of her cousins gleefully unwrapped a few on Black Friday, Mila had no idea what they were. I had convinced her that they were just balls when she saw them at Target. But, no, they are EVIL IN A BALL.

For those of you blissfully unaware, LOL Dolls are what would happen if a Product Manager at some toy company were to discover that people have made millions off of unboxing videos on YouTube. Nobody money grabs like toy companies, so it's basically an exaggerated version of unboxing. There are about 7 layers of plastic on that ball and then you get to a plastic enclosure that you have to disassemble. And then you get to the doll and her accessories, but each tiny thing is individually wrapped and packaged. Basically, you spend half a day unboxing all this random plastic crap and are rewarded with a tiny, cheap doll.

And I do mean cheap. Wooooboy.

Before I mention just how cheap, let me just add that Mila finally got an LOL Doll of her own this weekend. After beating me up about it ever since Black Friday, I gave into her whining when I needed some bribery during her photo shoot. I then spent half my life unboxing the dumb thing because Mila couldn't do any of it.

Which is basically the whole purpose. There's nothing great about the dolls. It's the unboxing.

But I did it. Without any joy. And the car will never recover from all of the layers of plastic. If I ever let Mila get another one, I"ll make sure to unwrap the next one while standing in a landfill. That's the only place one should be when dealing with that much garbage.


Let's jump to this morning, shall we? This morning the dumb doll was in the car. This morning Mila remembered the doll's dumb cup. This morning Mila kept telling me about how the doll loooooooooves to drink.


"She loves to drink. It's her favorite."

"She drinks a lot!"

"Look at my LOL Doll drinking! She's such a good drinker!"

and my personal favorite

"She's really happy when she drinks!"



On the topic of LOL Dolls, apparently Mila isn't the only little girl all in. You should help a kid who is receiving services from Center for Victims get one for Christmas this year. Go jump over to the Christmas Crazy gift list and throw a little love into this world.

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Hahaha. I just discovered LOL dolls, right before Thanksgiving, when I saw that huge gold ball on the toy shelf in Target. TW had to explain them to me with a sneer on her face, because PLASTIC TRASH! I admit to being a little bit fascinated by them because I think it's a brilliant product development. It's Kinder Eggs (the real kind) meets YouTube unboxing and it's brilliant.

It's brilliantly awful but still brilliant.

Also, hahahahaha She looks like she's been drinking hahahahaha.

December 5, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterDenise
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