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Lunch is Served

I think everybody who has littles speaks at least two languages. I currently speak three - English, Spanish, and Mila.

Mila was DEFINITELY the hardest to learn.

Do you want to guess how many days it took me to figure out that "Purple Girl" was a tiny little My Little Pony figure? If you answered ALL OF THE DAYS, you are correct! Apparently Mila had her little friend in her bedroom, but then lost her, and OMG SO MUCH DRAMA.

And then there are "rollers." Rollers are mini croissants from Aldi. They cannot be regular-sized croissants. They cannot be from any other store. There are very strict rules around rollers.

"Rollers Store" is Aldi. Obviously.

Hard-boiled eggs are "Squishies." I really don't know where that one came from, but there it is.

Banana has a bunch of extra syllables in it when Mila pronounces it. It's perfect and delightful.

We "rush our teeth" around here.

Computers are "pooters." Heh.

It's all very complicated, but not, because littles say the funnest things.

But maaaaaybe it would be cool if I hadn't inadvertently ordered a "Squishy roller" at the work cafeteria this week. Maaaaaybe only people who speak Mila realize that's an egg salad sandwich.


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