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Making Friends

There are things in this life that you should just assume:

1. If there is a day when we don't have anything planned, we'll end up at the "Big Library" and wandering around Oakland. It's the easiest (and cheapest!) way to keep the girls happy.

2. f there is an animal anywhere in the vicinity, Mila will try to make friends with it.

3. If there is a bird anywhere in the vicinity, Alexis will declare it her mortal enemy and set out to destroy it.

If you add up 1 + 2 + 3, you get ZOMG.

August18 047

The photo does not do justice to the moment because video is what I really needed. Without video, you are spared from the screaming coming from all directions. Alexis was screaming because GET AWAY FROM THE FLYING DEATH BOMB! Mila was screaming because I FOUND A NEW FRIEND! I was screaming because CAN'T YOU TWO JUST BE QUIET?

It was a lot.

So much.

But at least I have a photo of the moment two seconds after Mila casually walked up to a bird, said, "Hi, Birdie!" and then touched it before it casually strolled away from her. The bird didn't bother to fly away until all of the screaming started, so basically Mila ended up mad at Alexis for ruining her animal friend adventure. Alexis ended up mad because she was so grossed out by the act of making friends with the enemy.

And I just lost a few more of my marbles. If you happen to find them, please return them to Oakland. I'm sure we'll be there again soon.

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