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"Mexis-can Pizza"

A conversation with Mila:

"Let's make something fancy for dinner. What should we make?"


"I said something 'fancy,' silly. What can we make that's fancy?"

Miss Mila paused for a moment, thinking, then blurted, "MEXIS-CAN PIZZA!"

Who am I to argue with a 4-year old about the definition of the word "fancy?" If she wants to think throwing some beans and cheese on a tostada is "fancy" then SO BE IT.

Let this be your reminder that kids really do think it's awesome when we call it in on dinner. Cereal, Mexis-can Pizza, SpaghettiOs, whatever. They are all in on the simple stuff, so you're not a slacker.

July18 028

Mexis-can Pizza

Refried beans, heated
Spanish rice, heated (Oh, yes, the fancy microwaveable stuff that comes in a plastic pouch. Go ALL in with the fancy, people)
Shredded cheese
Shredded lettuce (If you have it. I didn't. OH WELL.)

1. Slather some refried beans on that tostada then top it with rice, salsa, and cheese. Microwave or bake (on broil) until the cheese is melted.

2. Top with some extra salsa, cheese, lettuce, or whatever. Stop judging yourself and just slap whatever together, give it a fancy name, and be done with it.

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