2017 total: $12105.73

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More Crazy Because It Makes Me Happy

You guys. YOU GUYS.

I lurve you.

$3796.63. BAM!

We've still got a week to finish pulling everything together so that we can make Christmas fantastic for area children who are going through the unimaginable. I would absolutely love it if we were able to add another domestic violence agency to our shopping list. To do that, we need to pass the $5000 mark.

We're close. Let's get there.

Helping us get there is X Shadyside Health and Fitness. You may recall that last year they were a fantastic sponsor for Christmas Crazy, and they're back to do it again. This Saturday (December 1st), they will be holding their annual Class-A-Thon. Details are available on their blog, but the short of the long is that X Shadyside Health and Fitness will be collecting toys and gift cards for Christmas Crazy during classes all day on Saturday. It's a great chance to check out what is most definitely one of the best fitness centers in Pittsburgh and give a little love to some kids who could use it right now.

After the Class-A-Thon, X Shadyside will also be hosting their first ever Pinterest party. There will be recipe sampling, demonstrations, and all sorts of fun stuff as they make pins come to life.

I should probably try that trick sometimes. I'm all about pinning pretty things, but I rarely actually make the pins poof into reality.


Thank you all for your help in getting Christmas Crazy as far as you have, and thanks to everyone who will be helping in the home stretch.

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