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Nutella Captain Crunch Milkshake

I fired up the ice cream maker this afternoon, in no small part because I don't think Mila realizes we can turn cream into ice cream and YES. I LOVE TO BLOW HER MIND.

As I was asking her what flavor we should make, she started talking about Captain Crunch, which immediately reminded me of this moment of genius from 7 years ago.

That, my friends, is a Nutella Captain Crunch Milkshake.

I haven't made one in eons, but I FIXED IT. Hi.

It was a very excellent reminder that cereal really does belong in ice cream.

Especially if Nutella is around.

Nutella Captain Crunch Milkshake

2 big scoops of vanilla bean ice cream
1/2 cup milk (more if you like runny shakes, less if you like them thick)
4 tablespoons Nutella
1/2 cup Captain Crunch cereal 

1. Put all of your ingredients in a blender and blend for about 30 seconds at low speed. Serve immediately. You get bonus points if you put whip cream on top.

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