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Opposites and Stuff

A really weird thing happened this past weekend. She who refuses to have her photo taken most days was suddenly all TAKE MY PICTURE, MOM. NOOOOOW.

It started with Dippy. We stop to take a picture with Dippy nearly every time we pass by him, and by "stop to take a picture with him" I mean "I trick Mila into standing in a particular spot and then bribe her to let me take a photo." This time Mila was the orchestrator of the shenanigans. She DEMANDED a photo with Dippy.

December18 004

Mila then went on to pose for dozens of photos, generally directing me on where *I* should stand and telling me what pose I was going to get. It reminded me of a time a Tiny Alexis did the exact same thing.

Welcome to the blog world where such stories can be conjured.

Alexis was four years old that day. The same age Mila is now. WHY ARE THEY SO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT? Alexis has always come across as older than she is (there's a reason she's called Grandma Alexis ...). Mila is the exact opposite. And yet, Alexis had more of a "baby" face and chubby cheeks while Mila is a stick figure and ... THEY ARE SO DIFFERENT.

Kids will break your brain, I swear.

December18 097

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