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Pep Talks and Stuff

I don't mean to put too much emphasis on some behaviors that might really mean nothing, but YOU GUYS. I think maybe there is hope that Mila won't actually burn down the universe. If this were Vegas and I were putting money on the situation, I'd give REAL good odds to her having a conscience.

Shocking, I know.

It's been questionable for all of her life mostly because she is immune to the mom glare. I mean, who is immune to the mom glare? Not humans, that's for sure. And yet, Mila can cause all of the drama and then laugh in my face when I give her that look.

Just a reminder - THAT look is the one that makes Alexis cry instantly. There's a reason why I save it for very special situations.

ANYWAY. Mila is starting to show signs of caring about consequences and of feeling guilt. Actual, real guilt. There are tons of signs, but I think the most obvious was a little conversation she had with herself last week. We were in the car, as we often are, when she suddenly remembered something she apparently did at daycare. She then gave herself a little pep talk about the whole thing.

"It's not nice to hit, Mila. Say 'sorry.'"

"I sorry."

"Good job, Mila, That's good manners."

Maybe it all means nothing, but I like to think it means she is starting to understand that 9/10th of doing things you shouldn't is making sure you apologize no matter what. Progress!


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