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Proving She Has The Right To Change Her Mind Whenever

I have 3 years and 2 months worth of photographic evidence that Mila loves water. All water. Especially the ocean. But go ahead and guess who forgot all about that history the second we set foot on the beach?

August 17 090

If you guessed The Upside-Down Superhero, you guessed correctly!

Miss Mila, she who LOVES ALL THINGS WATER, has spent a solid four days refusing to touch the ocean. I've made her do it a few times and she's been giggly and happy for moments, but then she goes back to yelling, "I GO BACK!" and insisting that a woman's place is in the sand. We can even create conditions in which she will willingly touch ocean water (hello, buckets), but still. The ocean. It's evil.

August 17 020

Which basically means that there is a small army of adults hauling buckets of ocean water to a demanding little superhero. It makes no sense, except she's happy. So.

August 17 017

But here's the thing - I have a prediction. I predict that tomorrow, the last day of beach, will be the day that Mila goes, "Oooooh! THAT ocean! Yeah, we go waaaay back. We've been friends for, like, forever."

August 17 015

And then I'm going to have to drag her kicking and screaming away from it all. 

I also predict she will spend the next several months telling anyone who will pretend to listen that she wants to swim in the ocean.

Just watch.

It's going to happen.

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