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Second Baseman

I am becoming increasingly annoyed that Alexis was never interested in playing t-ball. She was given the choice, but even as a preschooler, her heart was dedicated to dance and cheer. If I had known then what I know now, I would have forced her to play because OMG ADORABLE.

It doesn't matter if the kid is into the t-ball. Even when they think it's the best sport on earth, they still are terrible, so "enjoyment" is pretty irrelevant. I mean, they don't even pay attention to what's happening. IT'S SO GREAT.

Seriously, Mila's t-ball game/practice/whatever-it-is-when-4-year-olds-play is the greatest hour of my week every single week. She's super cute in her little t-shirt and hat, but she's even cuter when she's not paying any attention while standing in the field. To best illustrate the point, here are ten things Mila has done when she was supposed to be playing t-ball:

1. Talking. A lot. Her best friend is on the same team, so they share a base when they're in the field and they spend the entire time gossiping about whatever it is that 4-year olds gossip about.

2. Flossing. As in the dance. I don't know what made her decide it was a good idea, but she spent a solid ten minutes teaching her friend how to do it a few weeks ago.

3. Picking her nose. I'm so ... proud.

4. Writing her name in the dirt with her foot. She nearly always spells it wrong.

5. Counting clouds. Loudly.

6. Singing Old McDonald at the top of her lungs. She did that one on a day when the weather was gross and they had to play indoors in a gymnasium, so the singing echoed loudly and you could hear it from REALLY far away.

7. Throwing her glove in the air and trying to catch it on her head like a hat.

8. Facing the wrong way. I don't know why her back is so often towards home plate, but when she gets smacked in the back of the head with a ball, we'll be able to explain it.

9. Telling everyone which position she's playing. As in, she walks over to one of her teammates, says, "I'm at second base!" and then walks back to her base before moving onto someone else. She has ran out to the out field to announce her position.

10. Waving at me and yelling, "I love you, mommy!" She probably will stop doing that by the time she starts high school, so I'm enjoying it the most.


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My brother-in-law is quite a bit younger than me and I LOVED it when he played t-ball. He would spin in circles in the outfield, collect rocks and chase butterflies. It really was the best entertainment.

April 24, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterKathy
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