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"Simmer Down" Also Sounded Bad

Every once in a while I catch something that makes me want to do better. For example, Mila's parrot tendencies really do have me being more cautious of my words. The very first time I heard her say, "Knock it off" to her dolls, I was all in on knocking that off. The words have been removed from my vocabulary and replaced with the much more productive, "Deep breaths."

That probably sounds ridiculous, but it's true. "Knock it off" is my "that's enough whining and crying just shoooosh." I probably shouldn't invalidate Mila's feelings just because MAN, CAN THAT GIRL WHINE, so what I should be doing is helping her find a way to regain her composure.

"Deep breaths." It totally works for her. When she's all wound up and about to explode, it helps her focus on calming down while also acknowledging that it's okay that she's upset. Or something.

ANYWAY. I say it a lot. That's the back story to what is to come.

This past weekend, Alexis ended up all sorts of wound up about something or other. I don't really remember what it was, but it was the most important thing in her world at the time. She was flying off the handle and both Mila and I just kept looking at her. Staring. Not sure how to help.

Except, Mila did know how to help.

"DEEP BREATHS, SISSY," she advised.

I'm going to need to teach her some other phrases that might entertain me as much as THAT did.

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