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Spinach and Gouda Frittata

It has been a really long time since I posted a recipe for frittatas, which, WTH? How did I go so long without posting another variation?


Frittatas are a favorite around our neck of the woods, in no small part because you can do so many different things with them. This one is one of my favorites because GOUDA! CHEESE!

Sorry. I get very caps locky when Gouda is involved. It makes me really very happy, especially when it's smoked. Mmmmm ... Smoked Gouda.

Anyway, if you throw spinach, onions, mushrooms, eggs, and Gouda together, magic happens. I posted full instructions for how I make frittatas on the stove top a while ago, but there are variations that involve oven magic. Try these instructions if you're scared to make one the way I learned to do them while living in Spain. I just can't do the oven version because once you've mastered the Spanish way, there's no good reason to wait a long time for a frittata to cook in the oven.

Spinach and Gouda Frittata

1 tablespoon olive oil
1 medium white onion, chopped
2 cups sliced Baby Bella mushrooms
1 bag fresh, pre-washed spinach (pre-washed = lazy and I TOTALLY own that)
1/4 cup milk
6 eggs
1/4 cup shredded Smoked Gouda cheese
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Heat the oil over medium heat in a large non-stick skillet. Add the mushrooms and onion and sauté until softened.

2. Add the spinach. Allow to cook until the spinach wilts.

3. Transfer the cooked vegetables to a smaller skillet. I used an 8" one. Turn the heat on to medium.

4. Place the eggs and milk in a small bowl and whisk. Pour the whisked eggs into the skillet with the veggies and stir to combine.

5. Allow the frittata to cook until lightly browned. As it cooks, gently nudge the edges inward using a heat-proof spatula. You want to sort of round off the edges. Eggs will seep around your spatula as you work, but that's OK. It will actually help you create a nice edge.

6. Once the bottom seems firm, place a plate on top of the skillet. Flip the whole thing over and slide the frittata back into the skillet. You should have the uncooked side facing down at this point. (There are lots of photos of how this all works on this post.)

7. Sprinkle the shredded Gouda on top of the frittata while it's still cooking.

8. It's done when you shake the skillet and the frittata slides easily and without seeming like it's going to fall apart.

9. Allow to cool for a minute or two before serving. Season with salt and pepper as desired.

10. If you're a Gouda freak like me, top it with another layer of Gouda. And then another. And then another.


Just put all of the Gouda on it.

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I have all of these ingredients in my refrigerator right now! Hmmm ... guess that means I must make this for dinner tonight. Thanks for sharing!

December 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMichele
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