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Stop and Kick the Snowflakes

Toddlers are the ultimate in sunshine on a snowy day, and not just because you know they're going to do something nuts that you can laugh at. They're also delightful just because SNOW. OMG SNOW.

You guys, Mila loves snow. The second she peers out the windows and spots a single flake, she starts wandering around the house asking, "Do you want to build a snowman?" I'm not joking. She asks everyone, but she most especially asks Alexis. And then I die. Because awesomeness.

(You're welcome for the earworm.) (What's that? You made it through a Frozen reference without getting the song stuck in your head? TEACH ME YOUR WAYS, OH WISE ONE.)

This morning was no different. There were several inches of snow on the ground when Mila woke up, so she rushed through getting dressed, put on her boots and gloves, and was ready to hit the slopes. The only problem was that there simply wasn't time to build a snowman this morning, so before we went out the door, I warned Mila. I explained that there would be bribery involved if she handled the "no snowman" thing with grace and hoped for the best.

She took the news with grace. She told me we would build a snowman after school, which was a completely reasonable compromise, and then started her way out the front door.

She made it two steps before her face lit up and she picked up one of her feet. "Look at my feet!" she declared.

"I see your feeet! There's snow on them!" I replied. The first rule of toddlers is to do whatever the toddler wants you to do. The second rule of toddlers is to refer to rule one.

Mila smiled from ear to ear and then took another few steps. "Look at my feet!" she proclaimed again as she picked up her other foot.

We repeated that little process







Twenty minutes. TWENTY MINUTES.

I was late for a meeting because of the pure bliss that was rediscovering how fun it is when snow gets stuck to your boots and it was absolutely worth it.

Can we get a foot or two of snow? I have a feeling that building a snow fort would be even better than a snowman.


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