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Stressy McStresserton

There was a news article (which led to blog posts) not that long ago that proclaimed that people who are always late live longer. Which, YES, I WILL. The premise is that people who are chill about being late are generally more chill about all of the things, and therefore less stressed.

I totally believe it.

Caring about being late is THE WORST.

Mila had a weirdly timed dance class today. I would never EVER sign her up for a class at 4:15 on a work day, but whatever. Sometimes the studio moves classes because of recitals and basically it's the dumbest. Still, Mila super loves the classes, so I left work early to rush her across town so she could tap her little toes.

It takes about 20 minutes to get there. No big deal.

EXCEPT, some jerk in a Toyota decided it was Sunday and we're going to sloooooowly cruise along THE ENTIRE WAY. What normally takes 20 minutes instead took over 30 and WTH, PEOPLE. MOVE. It was a windy, hilly road, so there was no way to get around the slowest driver ever.

Mila made it to class on time (barely), but not until after I swore under my breath about 2963539520348 times. It was SO stressful.

But then it got worse. I had Alexis with us, which was good because she needed to be at cheer practice 45 minutes after Mila's dance class ended. It's a 20 minute drive as well, so EASY PEASY! I even got brave and stopped at Taco Bell along the way so the Big Kid could eat something before her 2-hour long practice.

It was 5:21 when I placed our order for a crunch wrap and some nachos. It was 5:30 when the two cars in front of me cleared the way and I got to the drive thru window. It was 5:48 when I sped off without actually getting food nor a refund because I think every Taco Bell employee vanished into thin air. *POOF* They were gone and I didn't see a single sign of them from the time I handed over money until I gave up on ever eating again.

I felt every single one of those seconds and minutes. Twenty times over.

And then I found the other Pittsburgher who drives 15 mph under the speed limit. I ended up stuck behind him for 25 minutes because pffffft. 20 minute drive. So silly! That little windy road is meant for driving slowly!


It took exactly one day of caring about being on time for me to learn what stress is all about. I'd like to never do that again, please and thank you.

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