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Taco Wisdom

There's a thing that I wish I could do every so often -- I wish I could bottle up the magic that Mila spreads as she navigates this thing called life because, seriously, everyone could use a little of her joy. She's just so HAPPY and bubbly and earnest and geesh.

She's the best.

While Mila can get on my nerves faster than the old lady at the BINGO parlor can stamp the free space, she more than makes up with it by being excited about every little thing.

Halloween is definitely her Olympics. All of the other holidays need not apply because begging for candy and wearing an awesome costume is ALL THAT and a bag of Reese's. When you pair her version of the Olympics with an excessive amount of happy about everything, you end up with a VERY good night. Mila happy squeaked about every single piece of candy. Chips made her heart sing. Huggies made her grin like the Cheshire Cat. And fruit snacks. FRUIT SNACKS. You guys, I don't let the kid have fruit snacks because her teeth suck, so when someone placed a little tiny packet of Fruit Gushers in her Halloween bag, Mila nearly fell over from the weight of all of the joy that took over her body.

Even amongst all the joy, Mila kept it real. She was more than willing to report when the candy didn't meet her standards. I'm talking to you, neighbor who handed out Jolly Ranchers. She skipped a few houses because she didn't approve of the Halloween decorations. And, in what will always be my favorite thing of all, she declared the jack o' lantern carved to look like Tangerine Mussolini "Icky" and "Creepy." SHE WASN'T WRONG, Y'ALL.

It's almost as if the smallest member of the family has perfectly mastered exactly what it means when we say "Stronger than hate." She showers the world with love, but expertly calls out hate. And she does it while being dressed as the cutest little taco ever.

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