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The Box

Before I tell you about the 3598734134th example of how Mila is a strange little person, let me just say IT WORKED. Fruit flies definitely like beer and the beer trap was the most effective of all of the traps.

Who knew that a loser saying completely inappropriate things during a job interview could be so helpful?

(Yes, I have resorted to name-calling. Normally I wouldn't but SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES.)


Mila. She's a strange one. I've likely mentioned that she is, in many ways, the opposite of spoiled. She may get her way a lot (mostly because she's about as stoppable as a wrecking ball), but she doesn't get things. For example, there's really no reason to buy her toys because we still have most of Alexis' toys and Mila seems happy with them. Every once in a while I'll pick up a dollar bin gadget or something for her, but for the most part she plays with the toys that have been cluttering our house since before she was born.

I think that's why The Box is so special. Maybe. It might also be because of who it came from, but I can't be sure because MY KID IS WEIRD.


Alexis stayed over at a friend's house on Saturday night. When Mila and I picked her up on Sunday, the friend was all, "I have some dolls I've outgrown. Does Mila want them?" and we were like, "Whatever," and suddenly there was this giant shoe box filled with Monster High Dolls and a Barbie bed and some other gizmos.

Mila was SO excited. Like, over the moon, squeaky and smiley excited. Which, yes, the kid squeaks when she's excited. Like a mouse. Considering there is a mouse living in our garage right now, it's swell. I love having that brief moment when I'm all, "Excited Mila? Or the mouse got in the house?" every day.

Mila was SO excited about that box that she has now turned it into her security blanket of sorts. She's hauling it around absolutely everywhere just like Linus does his blankie.

She sleeps with it.

She takes it to school.

She takes it with her up and down the stairs and up again because wherever she is, so is the box.

I'm not really sure how long this whole phase is going to last, but I am enjoying the random questions from strangers and teachers and such. It's super fun explaining why a box filled with secondhand toys is the most important thing in the world and JUST LEAVE HER BE, PEOPLE. SHE IS HAPPY.

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If you don't feel like cracking open a beer, apple cider vinegar also works very well.

As for the mouse, trust the lady that lives in a house built in 1890, this is the trap you want:

October 4, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterMichelle
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