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The Daisy Photo, Volume 13

And here we go again ...

Every year on the girls' half birthdays, I force them into a little photo shoot. It involves flowers (daisies from my garden for Alexis and white roses from the store for the summer baby, Mila) and a simple white dress.

Alexis has been at this game for 13 years now.

The shoots have gotten MUCH easier with Alexis because practice makes perfect. It's also because Alexis knows these photos are going on a wall for all to see. She can play nicely and be happy with the outcome, or she can spend the rest of her life regretting her decision to be a jerk.

This year she was good, of course, but ZOMG are tweens moody.

We had to pause approximately 17 times so she could decide whether she was in a good mood or not. Each time it happened there was enough drama to to power a major city for weeks on end.

But it was fine becasue I get it. I remember being 12 and 12 pretty much sucks. You think you know everything and yet you know nothing and ugh. It's dumb.

Regardless of the drama, I ended up with at least seven shots that I'm happy with and that could go on the wall.

Which means Alexis will get to pick the winner once she has a minute. That could be the best idea or the worst idea ever, depending on her mood. But good news! If I just wait 30 seconds, that mood is likely to change.


D16 (1 of 1)

This kid is amazing and fantastic and so very much a tiny adult. Except, she's not so tiny anymore. At all.


She's about 5'3" right now, so she's creeping up on me.

I need a time machine so I can go back to the beginning for a few minutes with this one. She's just too lovely of a person for life with her to be passing by so quickly.

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