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The Little Things

This is the year that Alexis figured out that I get the camera out when the gift is going to be good. She's not wrong. I'm not taking photos of anybody opening up a plain black pair of leggings because OMG WHY IS THAT ALL MIDDLE SCHOOLERS WEAR?


But, "good" doesn't mean expensive. For example, a Strawberry Luna poster is TOTALLY good.

December18 012

And so is a DVD of Muppet Babies episodes.

December18 006

Which pretty much sums up Christmas gifts this year. There were no big things, just small, carefully selected things that delighted the girls in ways that would seem surprising to anyone who wasn't with them every day.

The poster was a thing Alexis asked for after walking around the holiday pop-ups in Market Square weeks ago. She was annoyed when I didn't cave on the spot. Maaaaaybe she should have spent a little less time whining because then she might have noticed that I had sneakily bought it while she was looking at ornaments.

And Mila? Mila is so in love with Muppet Babies right now. Anything Muppet Babies is going to make her happy.

I'm probably not getting off this easy next year.

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