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TheTwelfth Day of Christmas Crazy 

Christmas Crazy is rounding the bend and getting ready to pack up and find its way to Center for Victims. That means it's time to finish this:

On the twelfth day of Christmas Crazy,

my true love gave to me

reminders that kindness will keep prevailing,

dolls for loving,

books for reading,

Superheroes rescuing,

balls for kicking,

blocks for building,

games for playing,

things kids need,

lots of animal friends,

crafts, paper, and pens

STEM toys they'll love

and all the things for baby.

And it's time to finish up that wish list. Might I make a few suggestions?

1. There are nine, yes NINE!, Kindle Fires ready to be delivered to the kids at Center for Victims. That's a pretty great gift, if you ask me. Alexis is still using the Kindle Fire she got in kindergarten, so there's always a chance they'll last a long time. The trick, though, is that they need cases to protect them. We're short a few cases. Help?

2. These caught my attention and how.

They're "Worry Eaters." You draw or write down what's bothering you and then feed it to the adorable little monster and it will do your worrying for you.

It's a genius idea.

I want to send a ton of them to Center for Victims. HELP!

3. Somebody please buy the little kitchen. Little kitchens are the best for toddlers!

4. There are still a lot of essentials like diapers, socks, and underwear on the list. There are kids who literally only hope for those sorts of things, so let's make that magic, please.

5. I do not pretend to understand the Squishy love, but Alexis is asking for them for Christmas, so it seems like we should send some to the kids at the shelter as well. There's a few choices on the list, but I'm a big fan of this one because it can be split between lots of kids.

Let's finish this thing out and let's do it in fantastic fashion. The wish list is here. The link to donate cash instead is here. Delivery to Center for Victims is happening in the next week, but don't stress if you don't think your items will make it in time. I will make sure they get there no matter what.

Let's go!

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