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They're Cute for a Reason

While she certainly had some REALLY bad phases, I have to admit that Mila was a not-terrible sleeper when she was an infant. She wasn't perfect and she didn't set any records for sleeping through the night early in life, but she wasn't awful. Not even a little bit. I never really admitted it out loud for a few reasons:

1. When the internet hears things like, "My baby sleeps," it rubs its hands and digs in for some major screwery. I know saying it would have jinxed it.

2. I don't like to give too many people a valid reason to throw me off of a cliff. I can't completely help that there's definitely a few of them, but I can hold off on giving too many people valid reasons for plotting my untimely demise.

3. All things parenting are subject to change at any given moment.


I don't know what's going on, but Mila is SUCKING at sleeping through the night lately. There's a bunch of stuff going on, but the end result is she was awake from 11:00 pm to 2:00 am last night and spent every minute of those three hours screaming at me.

It was super delightful.

It's been going on since before Christmas, which basically means it can stop now. Please. I'M BEGGING YOU.

Soooo ... there's your explanation. If you've been reading along and thinking that Mila is being extra cute lately, you're right. She is absolutely putting in her best cute efforts. That's how it works, of course. The cuter they are, the more they're doing to make life difficult.

I need a nap.

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