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Universal Fun

I believe it's a federal law that if you go to Orlando, you have to go to Disney. No? It's not a law? IT SHOULD BE. If it were a law, maybe Mila wouldn't be so deprived of joy. The poor kid STILL hasn't been to a Disney park, even after a bunch of days in Orlando.

And here I thought she was spoiled.

We had big plans of spending a day at the Magic Kingdom, but a bunch of events piled one on top of the other and ruined those plans. But, no worries, Mila isn't completely deprived. Instead of a day at Disney, she managed to get four days at Universal.

My Disney-loving heart aches at those words, by the way. But, Universal had a special where if you paid for two-day tickets, you got three days free. That made it REALLY hard to justify going to Disney at all, especially because Alexis had cheer stuff two evenings while we were there. I didn't want to pay for park tickets when we had to leave at 5:00, but if we had "free" tickets? Fine. We can go for a few hours.


Mila didn't get any princesses or Toy Story, but Alexis got a LOT of Harry Potter. So, apparently I can make one kid's dreams come true? Just not both. Regardless, Alexis was SO happy about getting to pick out a wand and spending hours and hours looking at all the Harry Potter stuff. Mila made do.


And by "made do" I mean MILA WAS SO HAPPY. She will joyfully spend all of her days looking for characters and hugging them. She met Dora, Thing 1 and Thing 2, the Grinch, Spongebob, Patrick Star, the entire cast of Despicable Me, Beetlejuice, Po from Kung Fu Panda, the Trolls, lots and lots of Marvel characters, and much more. It was truly the most exciting thing that could happen to her each and every time something tall and fuzzy showed up. She even got excited about meeting She-Ra and I guarantee she has no idea who She-Ra is. Mila just really likes people dressed up as characters, apparently.

Which means I am going to have to blow her mind at some point by dressing up myself. We've got three months until Halloween, people. I need to figure out what character I'm going to be. Something fuzzy? Something realistic? I DON'T KNOW, but I know it's going to blow her mind.

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