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When Exactly Did That Happen?

Perhaps I should have noticed before, but YOU GUYS, ALEXIS COOPERATES FOR PHOTOS!

I mean, I guess she's been doing it for a while, but it happened so gradually I just didn't notice. While once I couldn't get her to look at a camera for all of the money in the world, now I can say "Go say 'Hi' from Nevada!" and she will.

July17 654

I fully realize this cooperation is born of the maturity that comes with age. There's nothing I could have said to 6-year old Alexis to get her to care that a photo might be on the internet, but NOW she cares. A lot.

"Say 'Hi!' from Arizona!"

July17 647

While the kid has complete veto power, she seems to have decided that she's going to just make sure every photo I take is a good. one. This is basically the best thing ever, of course. On the rare mements when I don't get a good photo, Alexis is legit disappointed. It seems she finds magic in being featured around these parts. She went on a reading binge a while back and was SO mad that Mila seemed to be the star of the show.

I managed to fix that by explaining that Mila still lives "every toddler's life." Alexis is her own being now. Fortunately, that very true explanation made sense to Little Miss I Want To Be On The Blog. Still, Alexis took one look at this week's post and declared, "I'm back, baby."

Which .... mmmkay. Whatever.

I think I'll just sit back and enjoy this phase where Alexis enjoys being in photos and wants to be mentioned here. Mostly I'll enjoy it because Mila has no interest in playing along with my reindeer games and it's good to have at least one daughter who cooperates.

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