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World Champion Nap Taker

Each of the girls has had their thing that made them a magical little toddler. For Alexis, it was the way she couldn't stand to break rules. I could have legit not bothered to keep an eye on her. Ever. I could have just occasionally shouted out, "Are you supposed to be doing that?" and she would have self-policed her every move just fine.

Not Mila, man. If I take an eye off of her, she will find her way to Florida before I turn back around. She'll probably hitchhike a ride from a Harley driver, even.

But Mila. Miss Mila wins when it comes to sleep. She has always slept better than her sister at night and she SO crushes Alexis at the nap thing. Alexis gave up naps long before her third birthday. Mila would like to still have a solid two hour sleep in the middle of every day. You can maybe shorten that to an hour, but two hours is really best.

Which, it's the best. It's magical and wonderful having a 3-year old that still worships at the nap alter.

Except, sometimes she decides she's not going to nap. She really shouldn't make that decision because BAD CHOICE, MILA.

Today was one of those days. They're rare, but they do happen. Life was just too interesting so Mila skipped her nap and then she sort of gracefully went to sleep when we went for a walk at the end of the night. I thought it was all going to be fine and work itself out, but then she woke up just as we returned from the walk and YOU GUYS. I now know why some people call an exorcist thinking that will cure their kid of evil. Mila was most certainly possessed.

The reason for her anger -- pajamas. First, I didn't have the right pajama top to go with her pajama bottoms except she was just crazypants because I did so have the right set. I didn't bother to argue the point because OBVIOUSLY that would be dumb, but then I found out what dumb really looks like.

It's your toddler screaming at you because *YOU* are wearing the wrong pajamas. I don't know why, but apparently I was supposed to wear the red sock monkey pajamas tonight except I couldn't because we're not at home and the pajamas are. I don't know about you, but I'm not the brand of crazy that drives seven hours to grab a different pair of pajamas.

Mila would.

Mila would drive seven hours to get those pajamas and she would yell the entire way there because clearly I am dumb and make terrible decisions like wearing any other pajamas.

We're going to work harder to not skip that nap for the rest of her life. It's safer for us all that way.

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