Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady

Alexis was wearing a cute little dress on Saturday and I thought I would have her sit in her chair and take a nice picture. Instead, I got this:

I guess little girls don't come programmed knowing how to sit lady-like.


Oh, Dora

Riddle me this . . . how is it that a little girl that is obsessed with all things Dora could be completely bored by the cartoons? We're talking total and complete disintrest. Daddy found Dora on TV this weekend several times and Alexis barely even glanced at her. Turn on Signing Time, and the kid parks it in her chair and stares for 30 minutes. Turn on Dora, and she keeps on playing and doesn't even acknowledge that the TV is on. I find it fascinating.

One more thing, I was able to do a tooth count yesterday. Alexis now has 8 teeth on top and 6 on the bottom. And she knows how to use them.

Here's Alexis with her new best friend Dora.


Report Card

If we were to give Alexis a report card for the day, here's how she would grade:

Naps: D-
Silliness: A-
Powers of Destruction: A+
Cuddles: A
Grins: A
Cooperation: B

I find it amazing that she had such a good day, despite the terrible job she did napping. 30 minutes spread over two naps would normally be the perfect ingredient for disaster, but not today. She even made it through a 10-mile bike ride without chewing anybody's head off.