News from Minot

It had been a while since I had checked in on the news in Minot. There was this little treat waiting for me yesterday:

BTW, this was the main news story on the website.

I'm totally not mocking the sweet little old lady. She rocks for volunteering to work with kids. Everyone should give it a try.

What I AM mocking, because it needs to be mocked, is the dream job the editor of that newspaper has landed. How do you suppose he or she feels at the end of the day when the big story is about a Grandma letting kids pick apples from her tree? I can just picture the editorial meeting:

"Anybody have a story?"

"Not me."

"Sorry, not really."

"I . . . uh . . . there's an old lady that's letting kids pick apples from a tree . . ."

"Perfect! Let's run it!"


Random Conversations

Daddy (to Alexis): Quit eating my watch. One--it's not very nutritious. Two--I don't want you eating my watch.

Me(to Alexis): Quit eating the dog food. It can't be good for you.

Me(to Alexis): Don't eat those baby wipes. Here, have some blueberries. They're better for you.

Daddy (to me): Alexis ate a strand of your hair. Want to know how I know?
Me: NO! . . . That can't be good for a kid.

Detect a theme?


More Fun with the Simpsons and Mayor Luke

I don't have photos of Daddy and myself that will work in the Simpsonizer, but I do have one of our Mayor, Lukey. Here's the version that came up automatically:

But that didn't seem quite right. So I promptly changed his clothes. King Luke has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?