A Toy, A Toy!

So while I was obviously not the first to find it, there is a site where you can go find out what you would look like as a Simpsons character. It crashed before I could save my Alexis photo (too much traffic?), but I will share when it comes back up.

UPDATE: Here's Alexis as a Simpsons character.

Why are you still here? Go see if you can get on already!


If You're Grumpy and You Know It

We have a new game. It's a woooonderful game full of excitement and valuable prizes! I say a word, Alexis signs it, I say another word, Alexis signs it. For like half an hour solid. OK, so maybe it's a little boring. BUT the best part is the prize. Alexis gets distracted from whatever was annoying her at the moment and I get to rack my brains for words she might know until I am in physical pain. Oh, did I mention that she gets distracted so I get to stay sane? I'll take a little pain for the sake of sanity any day.

Anyway, we were playing this game in the car the other day. Alexis was PO'd that we were in said car. She forgot she was PO'd long enough to play along. Daddy was observing from his perch in the driver's seat.

Mommy: "How about grapes?"
Alexis signs grapes.

Mommy: "How about cheese?"
Alexis signs cheese.

Mommy: "Can you sign grumpy?"
Alexis signs grumpy.

Mommy: "Do you know happy?"
Alexis signs grumpy.

Mommy (to Daddy): "I blame you for that."


You People are Strangers to Me

If Alexis has ever made you feel bad by acting as if she had never in her life seen you and didn't plan on getting to know you just then, you should know that it's a common malady with her. Yesterday we went to a picnic for daycare. All her favorite teachers were there. Yet, despite the fact that she spends 40-50 hours per week with them, she acted as if they were total and complete strangers. Even her BFF Miss Michelle couldn't get her attention for a millisecond. Alexis sprouted wings and jumped into my arms to hide when confronted by a friendly, "Hi, Lex!" At least we finally know for a fact that she likes us better than the people we pay to hang out with her.