2018 total: $10011.76


Just Like Daddy

Earlier today, Daddy was commenting on how he has to be careful what he does in front of Alexis since she has started to mimic everything. He was talking about the fact that she now can remove a DVD from it's case, turn on the DVD player, push the open button, place the DVD in the correct spot, and close the DVD player. She's only missing one step in the whole process--she doesn't know which buttons to push on the remote. But she knows the remote is involved because she grabs it. The timing of Daddy's revelation could not have been better. At that very moment, Alexis was standing two feet from the TV watching a movie with a hand down her pants. Like father, like daughter.


Welcome Back to the Healthy Side of Life

Alexis is slowly regaining her preference for healthy foods. While we were grocery shopping this afternoon, she kept asking for cheese. Then before dinner, Daddy was doing his usual meal spoiling by giving her Cheetos. I offered her some faux pepporoni instead, and she spit the Cheetos out to eat them. Then she asked for more and stayed on the healthy side of things through dinner. Finally, she refused the cookie Daddy gave her for dessert. I still don't understand the whole "healthy food" thing, but I certainly do like it.

Alexis really loves to look at books. It would seem that pictures are optional. She spent 20 minutes paging through and "reading" one of my books then threw a fit when Daddy took it from her.


No Olives for You

A week has passed, and our dear Alexis has failed to say "Mommy". I hereby declare her cut off from all things delicious and olive-like until further notice. For goodness sake, the kid can say "flower" but not "Mommy"? WHATEVER!