Where's D-D-D-Dora?

And now for another Dora sighting by the one and only Alexis . . .

Dora is illuminating the way at Lowe's:


Houston, We Have a Problem

Lately Alexis has been throwing fits in the car. I finally figured out why.

I like to listen to ESPN radio in the car (why, yes, I do know how awesome that makes me--but could one of you men please remind my husband of that? he seems to have forgotten just how rare it is that a woman voluntarily pays attention to sports). Apparently, Alexis likes to listen to music in the car. More than once I've switched over to music and she's stopped with the hissy fit action. It's now turning into a daily occurrence. And now that I absolutely refuse to turn on Justin Timberlake no matter how much she begs, she's learning to cope with whatever music is on. Just as long as it is music.

For now I can live with this arrangement. It is, after all, the summer and there are no good sporting events going on (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, NBA and until yesterday NHL finals--I can't pretend to care about any of the teams in the finals this year). It's not like I'm going to miss some exciting Pirates news. But fall will be here before we know it, and I am NOT listening to some fluffy pop music when I could be listening to Steelers/Penguins talk 24/7. The only person bringing the SexyBack should be Troy Polamalou.

So, Alexis baby, please learn to like listening to sports. And quick like. Otherwise, you are going to have a very miserable time every Sunday from October until February.


It's Great to be a Burgh Baby, Vol. 1

Let's face it, Alexis is real lucky to have been born in the 'Burgh. I mean, c'mon, the first football game she ever watched was the Superbowl AND the Steelers won. Not only that, but she's got years of great Penguins games thanks to the NHLs golden boy, Sydney Crosby. I won't be mentioning the Pirates.

BTW, the book reading went on until 9:55. That pretty much makes it a full two hours that I was a prisoner hunched over in the corner of Alexis' room afraid to so much as breath for fear of disturbing the Kinnley Bear. Tonight when she wanted to take her book to bed, I ran for the hills faster than a speeding bullet.