2018 total: $10011.76


Big Yawn

It was an extremely boring weekend around here. Since the weather still hasn't cleared enough to work outside, we spent it all inside watching movies. Actually, I went over to a friends to do some work, but Daddy and Alexis just sat around watching movies. Alexis watched Signing Time while Daddy watched just about the entire first season of Rome. Considering that Alexis started signing train, grapes, and cookie, I think it's obvious which one of them was more productive.

What cracks me up about these pictures is that the bowl was empty the entire time. There was no ice cream to scoop, pour, or smile about.


Just in Time for the Weekend

Alexis has struggled to get back into her regular sleep routine. Several mornings since we returned she has slept through me getting her dressed in the morning. Given the fact that she is generally a fairly light sleeper, it's been a little odd. And now that the weekend has arrived, she suddenly snapped back into wanting to wake up between 5:00 and 6:00. Fantastic. There's nothing I love more than waking up at 5:00 on a Saturday morning.

The Easter Bunny brought Alexis an inflatable ball pit last week. I think she's planning on moving in permanently.


She Won't Play in Sand, but . . .

I was just glancing through some older photos, and found one that confounds me. It's from before we went to Orlando and is of Alexis playing in the kitchen. I was trying to clean the house and erroneously left a bag of bird seed on the floor. Alexis found it and figured she would pour some out. I caught her right away. However, as I was cleaning the little pile of bird seed, Alexis scurried back to the bag and quickly dumped the other 9 1/2 pounds, forming a big pile of bird seed. Then she stole a spatula out of the dishwasher and sat down to play in her "sand box." So the kid that refuses to get her hands dirty in the sand, grass, or dirt, is very willing to play in thistle seed for hours. Go figure.