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Do As I Say

Mila is a little over a week from having a birthday. If you've passed within a mile of her in the past few weeks, you knew that, of course. She mentions it nonstop. Endlessly. CONSTANTLY.

I made it worse by starting the planning on her birthday party. Alexis had her first friend party when she turned 5, so it seemed fair that Mila should start at the same age. But HOOBOY. Mila can't even with her giant mountain of excitement. I caused all kinds of trouble when I had her invitations made. So much excitement. Much anticipation.

I had custom invitations made and picked them up from getting printed this weekend. Mila was with me, so of course she had to hold the invitations the entire way home. She finger and pawed them and basically I'm sorry for all of the sticky, friends of Mila. I told her to stop touching them, but she is a very bad listener.

In the midst of her pawing, we ended up talking about who she wanted to invite. The correct answer is "her entire preschool class" but Mila seemed to think she has a say in this issue. She started listing friends from school, but then reached a name that led her to say, "She can't come because she picks her nose."

Which, well now. That's quite a reason to not invite a person to a party, I guess. The only problem is that Mila and her friends are ALL terrible about the nose picking and I know that for a fact. Mila is definitely guilty as charged to the point that I yell at her about it essentially nonstop. It. Makes. Me. Crazy. We have tissues. USE THEM.

Alexis and I both chimed in that Mila isn't one to talk while handing out nose picking as a reason to not invite someone. One of us even said, "Then I guess you can't go to the party because you do, too."

Seems fair.

Mila's response tells you everything you need to know about how she thinks, though. "I can go to my party because I don't need an invitation and it's my party so I can pick my nose if I want to."

There's a life lesson in there.



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